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10 Questions for Anti-Zionists

[Palestinians Celebrating Kidnapping of 3 Israeli Teens]


1)  Do you or do you not claim that Israel intentionally targets noncombatant Palestinians?

2)  Do you acknowledge that Palestinian leadership admits to encouraging targeted killing of Israeli citizens?

3)  If you answered yes to one and two, do you realize that this means Palestinian leadership is not morally superior to Israel?

4)  Do you deny that Israel gives advance warning to Palestinians via mass text messages and dropped leaflets, before bombing a location?

5) If Israel wants to kill noncombatant Palestinians, why do they give advanced warning before attacking pre-publicized targets?

6) Do you acknowledge that Palestinian terrorists never let Israeli civilians know which bus they are going to blow up, and never give them a chance to get off the bus before they blow it up?

7)  Do you acknowledge that Palestinian missiles are admittedly aimed toward Israeli civilians?

8) If you know Pal…