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DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW ME? | The Orthodox Homosexual

*!WARNING!*  If you do not wish to face reality, please! Read no further.


Shalom Haverim yeqarim.
I have long desired to share with you my pre and post conversion experience.  I am no longer able to hold back from sharing my story.  Why have I withheld it thus far?  The matter I will touch on in this post will explain.  It concerns an issue that was unjustly used against me both before and after my conversion.  Therefore, I can truthfully share my conversion experience with you only after first introducing you to this other major aspect of my life:
I am a serious Torah observant Jewish convert, and I’m homosexual.

Now, before you freak out, let me reaffirm to you that I fully embrace the Torah’s 613 commandments as explained by Haz”al, and I’m not excluding Lev. 18:22 from that number.  I neither condone nor engage in anal sex, and I am against the promiscuous lifestyles of gays and straights alike in pop culture.